My Friend’s the Jauregui Family


Over twenty years ago Alex Jauregui and his wife, Cindy, went through a very difficult pregnancy with their first child. Deciding not to risk a second natural birth was a difficult choice. The Jaureguis realized that there was room in their lives for more children and thus began an amazing journey. When their son reached two, they applied to foster a child through the social services system. Over the course of a decade they adopted eleven children making an even dozen of seven boys and five girls. Their oldest is now twenty-four and the youngest is fourteen.  They have three dogs, a cockatiel and three geckos to round out the mix. Their story is both incredible and inspiring.

In 2003, Alex and Cindy decided to move their large family from San Diego to Arizona. Alex was a professional photographer at the time but decided to start a new career in real estate. In San Diego they added onto their house twice, transforming their four bedroom/two bath into a nine bedroom/four and a half bath home. The Valley offered more affordable housing with no sacrifice to their quality of life.

The Jauregui s did not start out wanting a big family. It was never about adopting, it is all about helping a child in need," says Alex. Each child has his or her own special story and an early life of abuse, drug exposure, neglect or other challenges before joining the family. All of the children came to them as infants with the exception of two brothers who were two and five years old. Their willingness to take in special needs kids is all too rare. Cindy explains that both she and Alex have a special relationship with each child. Each one feels loved and knows that they can discuss anything with either parent.



The Jauregui’s Alex and Cindy